Thursday, January 16, 2014

Too Cute Not To Share

Conversing with individuals under five years of age can interesting, to say the least. For all the times my kids or I have felt frustrated or confused by our communication skills, I have to remember these gems...

Read on to discover why they wear themselves out...


"I'm not breaking it, I'm just jumping in it."

Said from Grace's crib. Try that logic again when you jump on her stuff in 13 years.

"Mom, you don't like to talk to me mad when I take things away from other people, do you?"

Well, I don't particularly like being mad at all, but I don't think you're focusing on the real problem here...

"Garbage trucks are really strong. I bet they carry mountains."

Yes, unfortunately, mountains of garbage, son. Mountains of garbage.

"I just have to get a little taller to see God, right?"

Nope, you've got it backwards.

"If it were one thousand, one hundred degrees, our house would melt, and then we would need to eat a lot of popsicles." 

I'll have to remember to stock up on popsicles next summer.

"Doesn't Santa need healthy food?"

That's my boy!!! But no, not tonight. Tonight Santa needs cookies.

"You don't have to tell Mommy what to do. It's not an option." 

Wise words to Jonathan about being demanding. Apparently I say the phrase "it's not an option" a lot.

"Haha! Mom, Grace is playing in my pee!"

This one happened this morning. And now I know we need to work on consistently flushing and putting the toilet seat down.


Me: "Jonathan, get out of Grace's crib. Cribs are for babies. Are you a baby?" Jonathan: "No. I'm a monkey."

I can't argue with him.

"I'm going number three!" 

Said from the bathroom. I have no idea...

"Waaaaaahhhhh!!! I want to ride the train!"

Screamed in the middle of the night. Apparently this is Jonathan's worst nightmare.

Jonathan: "I'm not awake!" Marc: "Oh, you're not?" Jonathan: "No, I sleepin'."

Well, he does talk in his sleep sometimes...

"Uh oh. I missed." 

Said from the bathroom. Is that what number three is, a missed shot? I think it happens more often than I know.

"Owww!!!! I bumped my knee on the ceiling!!!"

I really need to supervise this kid more closely.

"We're going to put candles on them and then put fire and then we'll blow them up."

I like your vision for your birthday cupcakes, but I think you mean blow them "out."

"Are we gonna look for Santa in the window?"

Spoken January 13th. Sorry, kiddo, not for many more days. In the meantime, keep working on your aim and please don't blow anything up.


  1. Jonathan is going to be the kind of kid who makes you laugh the hardest and pull your hair out all at the same time, isn't he? Number three??!?! Ha!
    As for James, I'm thinking he will consistently stump you with his deep thoughts.
    Either way, those boys are adorable.

  2. My son explained number 3 to me. Since 1 is pee and 2 is poop, if you go 1 and 2, 1+2=3.

  3. Oh, I just love the God comment and your response too! So sweet. The rest are parts sweet, parts hilarious, but I really love that one.

  4. too cute! Pinning to the Sunday Parenting Party pinterest board

  5. I'm SO glad I came across your blog! Hilarious stuff here! Brightened my day! :) From one mom of several little ones to another, you go girl! :)


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